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N-01 Alpha
N-02 Ninjack
N-03 Blastrid
N-04 Trexx
N-05 Wrecker

Collectable robots, monsters & more all around 1.75″ tall. Made of durable, bendable, & paintable PVC.


Inspired by M.U.S.C.L.E., Monster in My Pocket, and all of those little rubber quarter toys of the 80s & 90s.


We mashed them together for some quick hex, card, & dice mayhem you’ll want to play again and again. 

Small portable packs. No player downtime. Plays in 5-15 minutes. All your info is on the cards.


Close quarters hex tile combat with a fast & simultaneous 6 card Nanoid activation system.


Play solo or co-op against an aggressive Wild Nanoid AI in any Match Mode or with up to 6 Operators.

Take command & stop the Rifts anywhere you have an itching for a fight strikes with Rumble Packs.

Black & White Nanoids are waiting inside each one with Nano Fields ready for epic battles!


Every Nano Battle Pack works seamlessly with one another for more Operators, Nanoids, & game modes.

Join the community to earn Badges & complete Quests via the easy-to-use Battle Report & Passcode System.

Fill your NanoDex & climb to the top of the leaderboards! Become the greatest across the entire Nanoverse!


Register now! The Rifts are opening into our world & Nanoids are causing all the trouble!

Wave 1 Includes 5 Rumble Packs! Each with unique Dice, Command Cards, Nano Field Hexes & Nanoids! Grab one and you're ready to Nano Battle!
Story Mode & Wild Nanoid Packs make it so the fun never stops!

With a Rumble Pack in hand, you are a Nanoid Operator! Powerful aggressive creatures, Command Nanoids in Nano Battle to stabilize the Nano Field Arena.

KO the opposing Nanoids to charge the Nano Fields & close the Rift! Can you do it before you lose control, helpless as you watch your Nanoid go Wild?

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