Kickstarter - December 1, 2022

So we had a Kickstarter.

Attention Operators! I just wanted to thank you for all the support and encouragement we have received for Nano Battle.Β 

Unfortunately, our first Kickstarter campaign did not meet its goal in time – we were able to learn a TON during this campaign and your feedback helped tweak our game and rewards throughout the process.

When we inevitably relaunch in the future, our project will be better than ever! We don’t have the exact date yet, but as soon as we have the details on relaunching you will know.

There is nothing that will stop us from bringing our vision of Nano Battle to life!

Nano Battle Membership
As a thank you, I want to open Operator enrollment early for Founding Operators. You will have a month to register for all the benefits I was planning to give backers on Kickstarter for free. After December 31st the code will become inactive so do not delay, secure your membership and username before someone else does!

Enter β€œFoundingOperator” under the Discount Code section after you select the Founder Membership. You do not need to enter any information other than your username and email address. You will immediately unlock full site access, this includes;

βœ… Sitewide Green Backer Badge next to your chosen Username

βœ… Private & Custom Group Creation

βœ… Pro Lounge & Private Forums Access

βœ… Private Messenger (Friends only, tell them to join!)

βœ… Full Playtester Access to New Packs

βœ… Battle Shop Discount for life!

Thank you,
– Tony

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Kickstarter - Nano Battle - December 1, 2022

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