Nano Battle?

Nanoids, Nano Fields and all the Packs, oh my!

A tabletop combat game system using little rubber figures called Nanoids to fight on Nano Fields to stop the Rifts from spreading. We stuff them in a few pocket sized flip top packs ready to mix it up and Nano Battle anywhere!

Hexagon Rumble Pack

Packed inside you have a stand alone game set ready to play! 1v1 or Solo against a Wild Nanoid!

Combine with other packs to expand Match Types available, Victory Conditions, playtime and more while introducing new mechanics, Nano Fields, and Nanoids!

Whether you want a quick 5 minute battle or an epic brawl with friends, the choice is yours! All you need is any Rumble Pack and you're ready to Nano Battle!

What's inside the Hexagon Rumble Pack?

2 Alpha Nanoids (1.75"/45mm tall)

Lifeless super durable rubber figures in our world. Alive and battle hungry warriors in the rifts.

Keep them one color or paint them with any acrylic paint to customize your team.

Nanoid ID Cards

With knowledge comes power and these Nanoid Cards have all you need to know about your new little friends.

2 Set Up Cards with Spark Gauge & 1 Nanoid Factions Card

Fun to learn and tricky to master. The rules card is always by your side as your Nanoids Spark Gauge. Factions play an important role in how Nanoids gain power during a match!

2 sets of 6 Command Cards

Your Nanoids await your Command! These cards are essential for any Nanoid Operator to Nano Battle!

Nano Field Set and Card

Divided rift pockets, they channel the rifts power into Stabilized Nano Fields! Nanoids to spring to life when placed on them ready to Nano Battle! Each set has a distinct look and features unique Nodes that Nanoids will have to endure.

7 Hex Pieces Set

Back side is used for all sets.
Fronts match Nano Field Card and its Pack.

2 Dice, 2 Cubes and a Guidebook

Two 6 sided dice with different colors matching the Power Node colors. Two clear cubes for tracking Spark Gauges. The Operators Guidebook offers quick reference on back with rules, match types, and more inside.

Hexagon Rumble Pack is online!

Play right now! Solo or 1v1 by sharing the link.​

Works on all web browsers! Desktop, mobile and tablet!

alpha nanoid Pack

Rumble Packs have a black and white Nanoid ready for 1v1. Get more colorful options with a Nanoid Pack! You get 5 Alpha Nanoids in the 5 colors nodes represented on each Nano Field.

Create a team and play 2v2 match types with any two Nano Field Sets combined for larger arenas!

Nanoid Packs will always match the Rumble Pack, so you know which sets were released together. They will have the same Nanoid ID.

What's inside the Alpha Nanoid Pack?

5 Alpha Nanoids (~1.75"/45mm tall)

5 powerful Nanoids ready to Nano Battle!

Nanoid ID Cards

Every Nanoid gets a matching card! Other cards are tucked inside to personalize Story Mode and any match!

It's a tight fit for a pocketable
3 x 4 x 1.25 inch flip top box.

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