Battle Report

Play Nano Battle, the defeated submit a Battle Report!

Hexagon Rumble Pack is online!

Play right now! Solo or 1v1 by sharing the link.

Works on all web browsers! Desktop, mobile and tablet!

Nano Battle! Stop the Rifts!

Report your Nano Battle Matches and earn credits!

Spark Bit

Spark Bits power the system!

After a Nano Battle match, they are the only thing left when the Rift is closed.

To collect, a losing Operator must enter the winners username in the Battle Report and transfer them 50 Spark Bits.

Don't worry if you lose, everyone benefits from a Nano Battle match in some way.

Report any lost battles so everyone gets the Battle Zeni they deserve!

Solo mode matches are recognized too! Just enter "Nano Battle" as the username.


Nano Battle & Rank Up!

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