How to Play

Become a Nanoid Operator! Learn to play Nano Battle in minutes!

Core Nano Battle Gameplay is Fast!

A single Nano Battle can take as few as 5 minutes to play with experienced Nanoid Operators.

This is the core gameplay. Other Rumble Packs add new Nano Fields and Nanoids to your team!


2 Operators ~ 5 - 15 Minutes

Nanoid Operators choose a Nano Field set to battle on and one or more Nanoids to command.

Set Up / Life Sparks Meter Card

Nano Field Card

Black Nanoid Alpha

White Nanoid Alpha

The above cards hold all the info an Operator needs to know about Nano Battle and their Nanoid at a glance.

Operators each start with Command cards #1-6.

A Spark Gauge card slides under each Nanoid card to track their life.

Set up a Rumble Pack's contents as shown below for a 1v1 Nano Battle match.

Roll dice to determine who deploys their Nanoid first.

Dice translate to time in milliseconds for Nano Battle, lower rolls are better.

Operators alternate placing their Nanoid on any outer hex at least one space apart.

Flip the chosen Nano Field hex face up and resolve any unique Nodes. Do this any time your Nanoid moves to a face down hex.

Nano Battle plays over multiple rounds Activating all 6 Command Cards in your hand.

Commands Cards all have numbers showing how many seconds it takes to relay your Command and Activate your Nanoid.

During a Round, Operators choose one Command card and place face it down in their Activation Zone.

Everyone flips their card face up to reveal their Nanoids next action.

Activate them in ascending order #1, 2, 3...

If the same Command card is Activated, Nanoids Glitch!

All involved Operators roll dice for lowest # to determine who activates their Nanoid first.

Operators last card to Activate ends the Round and is discarded face up. Start next round with remaining cards.

When all cards are discarded, shuffle and place them face down to make a Wild Nanoid Deck.

Continue to play by drawing your Nanoids Commands one at a time after all others have chosen their cards.

A Wild Nanoid will Activate this way for the rest of the match.

Read more about Nano Battle in the Operators Guidebook!

Spark Bit

After a Nano Battle, Spark Bits are everywhere and the rifts can be closed by placing the Nano Fields back in their pack.

To prove the rift has been closed and that all the Spark Bits have been collected from the Nano Fields.

The defeated Operator must submit a Battle Report with their opponents' username below.

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