Nano Battle - September 21, 2022

Preview Review Round Up!

Handmade Rumble Packs with rubber resin cast Nanoid figures have gone out into the world!

It’s so great to see them in hands other than my own, seeing what they think and their impression of Nano Battle! From the beginning I set out for a unique experience from anything else out there, and I am equal parts nervous and excited.

Ben AKA Peaugh was quick on the trigger and popped out a video as fast as he got it in the mail! Looks like a sneaky pumpkin headed Ninjack snuck into his pack! Thank You Ben!

Not just board games, Peaugh reviews transformers, toys and so much more! Check em all out!

Seth Board Games took a Rumble Pack and gave a quick rundown that I appreciate! Thanks Seth!

Seth makes tons of quick board game videos that give you an idea of what to expect without any fluff!

Harry has done a wonderful preview and play through for us. Check out all his little extra cut ins, like if Nano Battle had a Star Wars style opening or the Rock Em Sock Em robots commercial from 1965! I love it!

Harry has so many consistent in-depth previews and is very entertaining!

Tim and Mike give us their take from Board Game Rundown. Great rundown of the game and their takes on what a good small box game needs and what Nano Battle just might have in store for you. Thanks guys!

Tim called the game play spicy! As a Mexican, that’s the highest form of flattery.

Keep checking back here for more preview, review, or other media videos and article links as they become available. Don’t forget to sign up to our email list to stay up to date and play Nano Battle as soon as possible!

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