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Hexagon Rumble Pack is online!

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Works on all web browsers! Desktop, mobile and tablet!

Rifts have appeared all over the world! Blackouts, missing people, chaos has taken over…

But not without a fight! Nano Battle to fight Wild Nanoids within the Rifts to stop them and save your world!

Mini Figures!
Nano Battle is a fast playing mini figure combat game using robots, monsters and more under 1.75" tall. Inspired by MUSCLE, Monster in My Pocket and all of those little rubber toys of the 80's, 90's and beyond! It's a game you'll want to play again and again!
Simple to Learn!
Close quarters hex combat with a simple but deep 6 card activation system. No downtime, around 5-15 minutes a player. The cards, and your skill as a Nanoid Operator, hold the key to victory.
Solo or with Friends!
For ages 14+, Nano Battle Solo against an intuitive Wild Nanoid AI. Or battle in combination with up to 5 other Nanoid Operators in a variety of match types and game modes! Ready to play how and when you want.
We Need You!
Rifts have appeared all over the world and we need you, and your Nanoids, to help stop them! Join the community and reap your rewards! Rank up, get those badges and complete quests while staying at the top of the leaderboards.

With a specially developed Rumble Pack in hand, you are a Nanoid Operator! Powerful aggressive creatures, Command them in battle to stabilize the Nano Field Arena.

KO your opponents Nanoids to charge the Nano Fields and close the Rift! Can you do it before you lose control and your Nanoid go Wild!

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